How to Create a Email In Gmail (Google Mail) New!

How to create a new email in Gmail – Email or electronic mail has now become everyone’s needs. not only students, email is now required by everyone. email useful to create a blog, create social media accounts such as twitter, facebook, instagram and others.


On this occasion I will give a tutorial how to create a new email in gmail. Gmail is the best email service owned by Google. Gmail provides many facilities to the users email is good and complete. therefore it is only natural that gmail is now dubbed as the best free email provider. Here are the steps how to create emails in gmail easily.

  • Open
  • Click “Create An Account” under the login form.
  • You will go to the charging data, please fill in the registration form as your personal data ..
  1. Name: Fill in your first name and your last name.
  2. Select your user name: Enter the email address that you want (email must not use the name of another person).
  3. Create a password: Enter the password you ingikan.
  4. Confirm your password: Re-enter your password.
  5. Date of birth: Please fill with your birth date.
  6. Gender: Choose your gender.
  7. Mobile: Enter your phone number.
  8. Your email address now: Enter your email address Other (fill in if applicable). Can you Clear the.
  9. Location: Fill in the location of the country where you live.
  10. Check the two requirements of the google …
  11. Click NEXT STEP button.
  • After you fill out the registration form, you will be taken into account verification page, click Continue ..
  • you will be given a verification code sent by google automatically to the phone number that you fill this. Then
  • enter the verification number in the box provided. If so, please click Verify.
  • You will be taken to the profile page, the next step is to add a profile photo. If you already have just added by
  • clicking the “Add Photos Profile”. If so, just click the next step ..
  • If all the above steps you have to do it properly, there will be a welcome greeting from Google. Click Continue to Gmail.

You’ll be taken directly to the home page of Gmail. Google will instantly give you four messages to your email inbox.
Up here you’ve finished your Gmail account, please take advantage of the features that have been provided by the product’s google gmail.

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